Coleman Stump Removal is proud to be the first choice for home and business owners when it comes to tree stump removal. Whether a tree has been professionally taken down or a storm has blown it over, we’re here to make your property beautiful again. We get the job done right the first time, making sure to work with your budget and your unique requirements.

Don’t Let Stumps Stick Around

Too many times, stumps are left alone after the trees come down. People don’t have the tools for effective tree stump removal, and many just hope that the stump will eventually rot away. This is not the way to handle the situation! Stumps not only make a property look neglected, but they also can pose safety risks and cause expensive problems. If you’re unsure whether or not to call us for tree stump removal, here are some of the reasons why the tree stump on your property isn’t as innocent as it looks.

  • Stumps are tripping hazards and damage lawn mowers.
  • Stumps encourage a bunch of new trees to grow around them.
  • Stumps waste space that could be used to make your property more valuable.
  • Stumps are attractive to insects like beetles, termites, wasps, and ants.
  • Stumps drag your property value down by making it look neglected.

Complete Tree Stump Removal in Atlanta

We are delighted to tell you that tree stumps don’t have to be an issue for you or your business. Our team of experts brings cutting-edge grinding technology to your property and makes any tree stump a thing of the past — and for an affordable price. We can even take trees down before removing stumps, which means you don’t have to juggle tree and stump removers. We do it all! Contact us for a quote today.